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(This article was updated on Dec. 11, 2019)

MixC 萬象城

Located in Luohu CBD, MixC sits diagonally across from Shenzhen Grand Theatre. Covering floor space of 188,000 square meters overall, it houses over 300 independent shops of different sizes and products.

Even if you are not interested in luxury brand shopping, the MixC mall is a must-visit destination on a Shenzhen shopping spree. This massive mega-mall features Shenzhen’s largest movie cinema, an Olympic standard ice skating rink, cafes, food courts, fine dining and more.

Add: No.1881, Bao’an Nan Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen 深圳市羅湖區寶安南路1881號

Metro: Line 2 to Shenzhen Grand Theatre Station, Exit F

Coco Park 購物公園

Coco Park is a shopping mega-complex. Much more than just a shopping mall, the area also encompasses a popular bar street, large open public spaces and some great restaurants. At this modern development, you can find many al-fresco cafes with both Asian and Western cuisines.

Add: Coco Park, Futian District, Shenzhen 福田區購物公園

Metro: Line 3 or Line 1 to Shopping Park Station

Coastal City 海岸城

Coastal City is a reasonably new retail shopping and leisure destination located in downtown Nanshan District. The complex consists of the Coastal City shopping arcade and two office buildings, namely the West (30 floors) and East (24 floors) towers.

The style of shopping is mostly retail shopping of good quality products including reputable brands of men's and ladies' fashion. It’s also home to children’s ware stores, gift shops, beauty care boutiques and lifestyle as well as IT retailers. The mall has a distinctly western feel and its spaciousness makes it a comfortable place to leisurely hang out and grab a coffee without an agenda.

Add: No. 33, Wenxin Road 5, Nanshan District 南山區文心五路33號

Metro: Line 2 to Houhai Station, Exit D1

Yitian Holiday Plaza 益田假日廣場

Yitian Holiday Plaza is a shopping mall in Nanshan District located above Window of the World metro station. It is located within the Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) area of Shenzhen and is walking distance from a number of theme parks such as Window of the World and Splendid China. The mall features a Westin Hotel, an ice rink and the first Apple retail store in Shenzhen.

Add: No. 9028, Shennan Road, Nanshan District 南山區深南大道9028號

Metro: Line 2 to Window of the World Station, Exit C2

Luohu Commercial City 羅湖商業城

This five-story enclosed shopping mall is just outside Luohu border. The mall contains hundreds of tiny shops selling a wide range of items, including watches, handbags, clothes, shoes, audio-visual products, souvenirs, home furnishings, curtains and DVDs. The mall also includes a number of restaurants and shops that offer services such as massage and dental work. Luohu Commercial Mall is a popular stop for Hong Kong day-trippers to Shenzhen.

Add: No. 25, Guangchang Road, Shenzhen Railway Station 深圳市火車站廣場路25號

Metro: Line 1 to Luohu Station, Exit B

Moi Department Store (Maoye Baihuo) 茂業百貨

At the heart of a commercial area, Moi Department Store sells goods tailored to different groups of customers ranging from world-class cosmetics brands, such as Sisley, CD, Chanel, Lancome, Biotherm and Laneige, to top Hong Kong and international designer labels and locally produced quality clothing, shoes and bags.

Add: 2005-2006 Huaqiang Road North, Futian District 福田區華強北路2005-2006號

Metro: Line 2 to Huaqiangbei Station, Exit A

INJOY Mall 卓悅匯

Located in an emerging business district in the Shangmeilin area of northern Futian, the INJOY Mall is fully-occupied with businesses including H&M, Uniqlo, Orange Sky Golden Harvest Cinemas, and Starbucks. Among them, more than 160 brands are opening shops in the Meilin area for the first time.

The 100,000-square-meter mall houses more than 60 bars and restaurants featuring various cuisines, and nearly 20 kid-friendly facilities ranging from amusement areas to training centers.

Add: Intersection of Meilin Road and Zhongkang Road, Futian District深圳市福田區梅林路與中康路交匯處

Metro: Line 4 to Shangmeilin Station, Exit A or D; Line 9 to Shangmeilin Station, Exit E

Uniwalk 壹方城

Occupying a total area of 360,000 square meters, Uniwalk is the largest multi-thematic experiential malls in Shenzhen, making it home to unprecedented levels of business volume.

With seven commercial floors, two commercial streets, four culture and arts squares and nine daylight atriums, the mall perpetuates a non-stop experience of eating, drinking, playing, entertainment, shopping, sharing, fun, tourism and visiting.

Add: No.99, Xinhu Road, Bao'an CBD 寶安區新湖路99號

Metro: Line 5 to Bao'an Center, Exit F

HaiYa Mega Mall 海雅繽紛城

This massive mall features over 30 big name stores, supermarkets, an array of Chinese and Western restaurants, a bar street, sports center, a super five-star IMAX cinema and even an ice skating rink. Basically it has everything that a big mall normally does. You can easily spend a whole day shopping at Haiya Mega Mall.

Add: 99 Jian'an 1st Road, Bao'an District 深圳市寶安區寶安5區建安一路99號

Central Walk 怡景中心城

The mall is conveniently located right at the Convention and Exhibition Center Metro station in Futian and features three levels of shopping, entertainment, and dining.

Central Walk Mall also features a large Carrefour Supermarket which has some imported foods. You can find different varieties of goods including cosmetics, shoes, handbag, boutique accessories, ladies clothing, gentleman suits, business casual, fine jewelry and watches, fashion accessories and business supplies.

Add: Yijing Central Walk, Fuhua Rd, Futian District, Shenzhen深圳市中心區福華路怡景中心城

Metro: Line 1 or Line 4 to Convention and Exhibition Center Station, Exit B

Shenzhen Europe City 歐洲城

If you are looking to furnish your home in Shenzhen, this is an area well worth a visit. More than that, if you are in Shenzhen for a while it’s also a place that can whisk you away to recreational reprieve for a few hours, as there’s also a sports store, with outdoor half courts for basketball, a couple of restaurants, a hardware store and a western supermarket.

Within Shenzhen’s Europe City (or Europe Town, depending on your translation) there are four western stores including IKEA, Decathlon, BQ and Metro.

IKEA Shenzhen is quite big. It has two floors of shopping and browsing areas and another floor for parking. There are a lot of options for all types of consumers, both for Chinese and foreigners of all budget ranges. At Decathlon, the French sporting goods retailer, you can find a massive array of everything related to sports and fitness. 

Add: No. 8188, Beihuan Avenue, Nanshan District 深圳南山區北環大道8188號

MixC 萬象天地

The MixC or Mix City is a mega-mall covering six floors and spreading across three blocks. It features Shenzhen’s largest movie cinema (Golden Harvest), an Olympic-sized skating rink, cafes, food courts, fine dining and more.

Add: Intersection of Shenzhen Avenue and Shahe Road West南山區深南大道與沙河西路交匯處(科技園東區)

Metro: Line 1 to Gaoxinyuan Station, Exit A


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